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The adventure of a lifetime drew Barry Seal into a life of  adrenaline!”

American Made is based on a true story about Barry Seal [played with humour by none other than Tom Cruise] a very talented pilot, who ended-up working for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and a rising South American drug lord known as Paolo Escobar.

Barry Seal was the youngest pilot to become a Captain for the now defunct airline company TWA (Trans World Airlines). It seemed that Barry Seal got somewhat sidelined in TWA, which meant he would be a Captain for the rest of his working life.

We are talking about the ‘70’s, so airline staff could get through security a lot easier than in today’s world, which meant Barry Seal could essentially smuggle contraband for sale in the United States of America.

Little did anyone know including Barry Seal, that the CIA was preparing for an operation to gather intelligence by reconnaissance missions. After a while it lead to equipping anti-Communist militias in Central America, to stop and overthrow socialist and communist organisations and governments.

So if you want to transport such goods to these Central American militias who need a pretty damn good pilot! Hence Monty Schafer (Domhnall Gleeson) CIA agent who does what any CIA agent does, gets some ‘dirt’ on the subject - Barry Seal in the way of him smuggling cigars - then entice him with an opportunity that one cannot really refuse, such as the adventure of a lifetime!

When you watch American Made you get enticed yourself into the ‘adventure’ of working for the most powerful intelligence organisation in the world. You can see through Barry Seal’s eyes why he would leave his mundane Captain job to fly a twin-engine, light-aircraft to the most remotest places in Central America.

An interesting point is that many who have worked for the CIA or other intelligence agencies seem to get into contact with organised criminal organisation but in this case Barry Seal also ends-up working for the Colombian drug cartel headed by the infamous Paolo Escobar. What goes through ones mind, did the CIA set-up such an acquaintance? You would hope not.

However when Barry Seal gets caught-up in a drugs raid with the other members of the Medellín Cartel, including Paolo Escobar, he understands that the CIA and his agent will not tolerate drug smuggling. However more ‘dirt’ on the subject, yes that’s right Barry Seal to do more now, but for the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Agency)!

By the end of the film you will know that such adventures will always lead to the path of destruction. Unfortunately Barry Seal probably knew that deep-down, but thought, “What the heck, you’ve gotta live life,” haven’t you?


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