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This is the latest release by British Alternative Rockers Bush - Black and White Rainbows.

Though this album has been on the shelves since last year, the title does resound shadows lurking in the alleyways and down below the gutters.

Since the first three albums - Bush, under the direction of Gavin Rossdale has shifted towards a more accessible form of alternative rock with grunginess melodies and electronic beats and synthesizers, with highlights of spikes and calmness throughout the themes of the subsequent albums.

The songs on Black and White Rainbows are different and the structures and lyrics are not the usual Bushesque material from the previous albums.

We have love songs with the opener Mad Love, and the single Lost in You and the Spanish Toma Mi Corazon.  

On the flipside we have the full blown This Is War and songs with similar directions of total collapse in Dystopia and People At War is a minimalistic atmospheric tune about the exodus of refugees from the brutal Syrian conflict - all with heavy tones.

We get the idea that the world turns with love that is expressed in Sky Turns Day Glo and an added touch of living a full life in, All The Worlds Within You.

Being attracted to one that helps you in times of need is the backbone of Nurse, and while many patients get a certain affinity with their nurse, we hear a lot about Sister Rose throughout the song.

Seems like love is in the Bush camp - The Beat Of Your Heart is another song that shows romantic leanings, but that love is actually reviving a person who has collapsed on the dance floor.

Catching and grabbing everything that you cherish and believe in is the backdrop of Peace-S(oul) and of course YOU!

Getting in the mood to move is something this track - Ravens will certainly do, especially with its choppiness vibe.

Quite a negative outlook in Nothing But A Car Crash coupled with trying to describe toxic relationships, which always end in tears.

The Edge Of Love musical direction is quite minimalistic and is somewhat dark but the glimmers and embers of light is enough to shine some kind of hope to a desperate situation.

The beginning of Ray Of Light starts with a sawing synthesizer effect, that carries throughout the song, which is about whether you can figure out someone's character.

Ever increasing usage of electronic sounds is again evident in the introduction to Water - though the song does contain plants growing, but refers to a relationship where you get all of the shades of emotions.

Alien Language features on the Deluxe Edition and is more about the different languages here on Earth rather than Mars!  


“BUSH - Black & White Rainbows are shadows in the alleyways and gutter!”


Black and White Rainbows

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