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We had Chris Cornell’s Higher Truth album review scheduled before his unexpected death on Wednesday 17th May 2017.  

When an artist passes on beyond our world we go into a moment of cherishing what that artist gave us when they were alive, and the late Chris Cornell is no different.

It is easy to hang on each and every word and sentence sung, so this review is going to focus on the messages and music in Higher Truth.

The first half of the album is quite gloomy within these songs Nearly Forgot About My Broken Heart, Dead Wishes, Worried Moon and Before We Disappear. Yes, one can conclude that Chris Cornell highlighted troubles within himself, life and the interrelationship within his family.

There is some hope in Chris Cornell’s lyrics and Through The Window is as if the prism of life can either be watched or the glimmer of light that shines through converts into creative energy.

With Josephine you have a beautiful and passionately sung love song. The next song Murderer Of Blue Skies sounds disturbing though the music is a lot lighter and the lyrics isn’t as dark as one could imagine.

In the gloominess the need to breathe life always comes through and Higher Truth embodies this, at least the future can be better.

Human interaction is a complex thing and with Let Your Eyes Wander is where people walk -out of a relationship. Carrying on the themes of human behaviour and interaction  is communicated in Only These Words, travelling for miles to see you in Circling and most poetically delivered and never really knowing when the time is up in Our Time In The Universe.

These three last  songs Bend In The Road, Wrong Side and Misery Chain reflects the journey of self recovery, which is harder than anticipated.

When this album finishes it is the final curtain from a great modern artist Chris Cornell. Unless, we can all hope that there is further material in the vaults that can be used in future posthumous releases.

The sudden  passing of Chris Cornell one of the great modern artists of our time, will sadly be missed!