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Damian Marley has developed his won career over the years and has returned after 13 years since the release of his last album Welcome to Jamrock, to release something different with Stony Hill.

Stony Hill is a monster of an album with 18 top tracks. The songs may have reggae at the base of its sound, but each track sounds different and the construction of the music is such that it gives the listener different moods and messages, which goes well with the lyrics.

The best quality of Damian Marley is how he raises-up some powerful issues, without using expletives.

There are many songs that raise social injustices but in a certain style that gets you listening closer as the title of the songs such as Time Travel, The Struggle Discontinues, Slave Mill and Caution.

Songs that just want you to get in a good mood without the need to have lots of money or be of higher status in life, with uplifting music - Here We Go, Living It Up, Speak Life.

Looks Are Deceiving is a good example of embracing people and saying all people are worth something. even when others fail to see or are dismissive towards other people.

You would think Autumn Leaves is about the changing of the yearly season, but is in-fact about not giving-up despite life’s ups and downs. Another song on the album that fits the similar mood as Autumn Leaves is So A Child May Follow - but it deals with youth and growing-up, which is the best song about giving advice we’ve heard in a very longtime.

We live in a world where - Everybody Wants To Be Somebody, which doesn’t help when we have a reality celebrity culture and if you cannot be a celebrity you can always become a gangster.

There are two songs that focus purely on women and love which are the pop-reggae Upholstery, the jazzy Grown & Sexy and the vocal manipulated Perfect Picture both featuring Stephen Marley.

Stony Hill - click here for the availability of the album.

Damian Marley has returned with a solid album  Stony Hill


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