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Facebook has opened-up its new London office, making a firm investment and commitment to the British capital.

The new offices for Facebook UK, is located not too far from Oxford Circus in central London.

Naturally the working environment Facebook likes is a creative, fun and bright feel to the surroundings.

Britain is a first choice for American companies due to historical and close ties both countries have had over the past two hundred and fifty years.

Facebook has had a presence in the UK for a decade, but the new British headquarters will be the biggest engineering hub outside of the United States of America.

Facebook will increase the workforce to 2,300 by the end of next year.

Facebook’s Europe, Middle East and Asia Vice President Nicola Mendelsohn states that Facebook is “more committed than ever to the UK,” and adds, “the entrepreneurial ecosystem and engineering excellence” made Facebook’s expansion outside of the US a first choice for technology companies.

The workforce will include quite naturally an array of engineers and developers, but will have employees that will work in marketing and sales.

Facebook will be developing more technology for the virtual-reality Oculus and Workplace, which is a platform designed for business.  

There is an incubator space within Facebook’s office for start-ups called, LDN-LAB.

Start-up tech-companies that are based within the UK will take part in a three month programme to help to get their businesses of the ground.

There has been welcomed support from techUK which represents 950 technology firms in the UK; as well as from the British Chancellor Philip Hammond saying it was a “sign of confidence” and added, “The UK is not only the best place to start a new business, it’s also the best place to grow one.”

An important issue currently in the UK, is paying the fair-share of tax, which Facebook have stated they are going to work closely with the British tax authorities over paying the correct amount of taxes.   

Facebook will have the best of British creativity, talent, infrastructure and business  environment”


Facebook opens its new London office

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