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Lana Del Rey makes another great return with her sixth album Lust for Life.

Looking at the tracklist of Lust of Life, you notice it has a strong female theme underpinning how the world is through this perception, especially in God Bless America And All The Women In It; and then slipping in the joyfulness amongst the darkness in our world - When The World Was At War We Kept Dancing.

The music is the usual baroque orchestral soundscapes that grace and fill the space with the beating of the kettle orchestra drum beats; with Lana Del Rey’s vocals being naturally the focus of each track, with a variety of backing vocals that is interwoven around these dreamy pop soundscapes.


The leading single Lust of Life featuring The Weeknd, has the bass guitar driving the music, rather than a beat, with a celebration of removing everything even your clothes the last of ones baggage.

People often complain when the weather should be good and isn’t, but this is more about relationship emotions - Summer Bummer a perfect song delivered with a strong piano piece and some modern beats.  

Like Summer Bummer - Groupie Love has a modern feel with the input of rapper A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti, which is a difficult song to decide whether this is a benefit, or exploitation of the groupie?  

Now the secret is out - Beautiful People, Beautiful Problems features Stevie Nicks, who knows a thing or two about problems!  

Tomorrow Never Came is a throwback of the ‘60’s, and is a nice mellow duet with musician Sean Lennon.

13 Beaches features a sample from a 1962 B Movie Carnival of Souls, which has a clever lyrical line, ‘It took 13 Beaches to find one that was empty’ - kind of illustrates a sense of loneliness.

Describing love in a most unorthodox way is what Cherry is all about and having the line, ‘It's like smiling when the firing squad's against you,’ who needs to battle hate? When love seems just as hurtful.

Having anything with a car name is a draw for iconic American culture with White Mustang, however the love of motoring is translated into forms of intimate relations with another.

Introspection is heavily weighed in this song In My Feelings, together with a slight vulnerability  attached.  

Getting back to yesteryear and probably the main influence for Lana Del Rey - Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind isn’t a surprise apart from the urban vibe in the composition.

Quite a risque song Heroin, though the music is like your subdued through being stoned, while the lyrics describes escapism through a drug fuelled journey.

This a bare track Change, with only a piano and the title describes the theme eloquently of the need to take a different path in life.  

Makes you think do you want to life your life or follow some else's in, Get Free.

Lana Del Rey brings her traditional alternative pop to the forefront, and she doesn’t disappoint!