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You will have your heart and soul touched gravely in this biographical film Lion.

This is about a little Indian boy called Saroo (Dev Patel), which helps his mother in the quarry collecting rocks, or going-out with his protective older brother Guddu who collects coal and other goods on trains to sell to help provide for his family.

If you talk to Indians they will say, “If you go to India you have to be able to turn your head away from the poverty,” as it will have an effect  on you, especially on Westerns or people from developed rich nations. But in the film you cannot do this and it gets pretty tough thinking that this is life for the poor or low class in India.

The story drifts around in this first part to introduce Saroo and his family, mother, brother and sister. The life is harsh but a simple existence.

Poverty is a killer we see but we just look the other way, but in Lion you cannot”

However one night Saroo was very tired and his brother Guddu leaves him on the train platform, in the hope of collecting him the next day. This is the start of the film as Saroo enters an empty train looking for his brother, but gets locked-in and travels for two days, ending-up in Calcutta, India.

Without explaining too much Saroo ends-up adopted to an Australian couple Sue (Nicole Kidman) and John (David Wenham) Brierley who are doing the ‘right’ humane thing, rescuing a poor little Indian boy, and another poor damaged Indian boy Mantosh (Divian Ladwa) later on.

The memories of his childhood didn’t stop when Saroo went to Australia. In fact he recounted throughout his childhood and his early twenties of his mother, brother and sister.

However at a party some Indians suggested he search for his family and gave Saroo the idea of how to do this… by modern methods - Google Earth! Well worth seeing this film.