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The latest Alien film perfectly links Prometheus with the Covenant”

Alien: Covenant is an excellent return to how the first Alien film was produced and its back to basics in continuing to give us a harrowing edge of your seat experience.

Many of us were expecting Prometheus 2, and was a little surprised and taken-back when director Ridley Scott announced the new film was going to be under the Alien name.

But, let that not sway you, from not seeing Alien: Covenant, because it intelligently connects the links between Prometheus with Alien: Covenant.

Another point of the film is using actors and actresses that are not necessarily household names; apart from Michael Fassbender - who plays the synthetic android Walter One; but not letting any spoils out of the bag, guess who they find fit and well? Well, with some evil sinister-inner-demons issues!

So what’s in the detail?

Well, the Covenant is the new spaceship that has already been gliding through space on its mission of transporting colonising life-forms, which can constitute to being clones of humans.

It’s not long until there is a mini-concern of bad space weather forcing Walter One to activate the opening of the [sleeping] pods housing the crew. Unfortunately disaster strikes and that means one man down.

However, getting distracted and the human curiosity gets the better of the newly promoted Captain of the Covenant - Christopher Oram (Billy Crudup), to divert and check-out where they are getting this signal from; which happens to be a planet where they find the Prometheus ship and its decaying remnants.

Throughout the film you will be much more enlightened on where this signal is coming from, and you’ll smile if not chuckle to yourself of the cleverness of propelling the story from Prometheus to this Alien: Covenant storyline.

While things are harrowing when two of the crew get a whiff of the dormant alien life form, and then slowly all hell starts to take place; in pure Alien fashion.

But it’s always the ending of these Prometheus and Alien films, that leaves the story open for more, and boy what an ending!

On the whole the storyline of this [Alien] film has been superbly implemented.

Definitely a mega FIVE stars for Alien:Covenant!