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Noel Gallagher has the freedom to create different sounds, songs and music

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds album Chasing Yesterday has spawn Noel Gallagher into another direction from his days as songwriter and guitarist for Oasis.

Noel Gallagher is free to pursue any form of music but his rock and guitar are still at the forefront of his solo work to date.

Half of the album was released as singles which shows you how much weight Noel Gallagher’s music has retained despite being in the music industry for a staggering twenty three years!

Noel Gallagher stated that the Riverman is his favourite track on the album, though each song is strong and the standard is high as the birds fly.  

This track has a punk of balls - In the Heat of the Moment that has a pop sounding drum [machine] tone, and the chorus really drives this song further.

The Girl with the X-Ray Eyes - wishful thinking or if someone posses this gift or burden whichever way you look at it in this indie ballad song.

Getting a handful of rock with plenty of punk attitude, will not disappoint in Lock All The Doors.

A Noel Gallagher trademark standard of a rock sound and song in The Dying of the Light.

Starting off in a fairly oddball manner in The Right Stuff. Though the groove is rather elongated and the other instruments come in to build-up the suspense in this song about whether you have it or not.   

This is a nod to the greats, While the Song Remains the Same and sounds of that late 60’s - early 70’s, though has some jazz guitar flavours going on.  

While the drum beat keeps things in check, there is a looseness in this track - The Mexican, which according to Noel Gallagher is suppose to lighten the album.  

Sometimes wanting to turn the clocks or years back isn’t a physical reality, but you can in your mind - You Know We Can’t Go Back.  

Ballad of the Mighty has a great full sound, with that rock’ish disco beat, and the message is of defiance and perseverance in finding that [special] person.