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Sia isn’t the first name you thing of being an influential person in the music scene. However, she has written songs for popstar elites like Rihanna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Adele and a host of others, to much acclaim and respect.

So writing songs for others is the basis of Sia’s seventh album, This Is Acting. Sia states that writing for other singers is like writing for a character and the image of these pop singers and groups.

The songs are a lushful pure pop genius, with the lyrics sometimes sparse but fits in well within each track.

It is hard to think that Rihanna, Adele as well as the comedy film Pitch Perfect 2 rejected her songs. Well, you know the saying, “I’ll record them myself, as I know they’re good enough,” seems to be the confident response from Sia!

Not only has the single track Cheap Thrill earned Sia worldwide recognition as an artist, but has influenced the pop music charts even to this day.

You do get a sense that Sia is making a point with Bird Set Free, Alive and Unstoppable as a sort of, I’m here and though I might write songs for others, you’ll get a lot more out of me for another generation.

Move Your Body is a real club anthem, and real infectious too.

The tragic romantic track One Million Bullets, deals with the fact I’ll love you no matter what gets in our way.  

You then get songs that seem slightly out of place but you get sucked in with Sia talented vocal range - Reaper and House On Fire.

Footprints is a smooth song, while Sweet Design has a chaotic hipster feel to the track.

The battles in a relationship makes Broken Glass an unsettling and tug-of-war between emotions of parting or staying!

Quite a cliff-drop in the last song on the album Space Between.

The Greatest, Fist Fighting a Sandstorm, Confetti, Jesus Wept and Midnight Decisions are songs that are on DELUXE releases.    

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Writing songs for others is the influence of Sia’s album - This Is Acting!