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Music streaming has overtaken video streaming for the first time and the most popular music streaming platforms are Spotify and Apple Music.

The numbers run into the billions for all music on demand grew by 82.6% in 2016 - 250.73bn - compared with 2015 - 137.29bn.

When we break it down into music on demand advert driven the figures were 59.36bn: Subscription music on demand was much higher raking in 191.36bn all for 2016.

It does seem that the music consumer is much more willing to have a flat subscription fee, which did have at first have a very skeptical reception within the music industry, but as the figures show it has become popular.

Though adverts placed on music on demand platforms are clearly generating demand and are up by 14.3% (+7.4bn), but some may conclude the figures are still disappointing.

People watching music on video which are mainly from YouTube and Vevo the figures are 181.31bn for 2016 a 7.5% increase (+12.72bn), compared with 168.59bn in 2015.

Though on demand video still punches a healthy return of people listening to music on video platforms.

Music sales have taken a hit with downloads decreasing from 975.77 2015 to 734.19 in 2016.

Physical albums decreased from 101.29 in 2015 to 89.41m in 2016.

Digital albums also decreased from 104.12m in 2015 to 83.95m in 2016.

When you combine physical and digital albums the figures are more evident from 205.4m in 2015 to 173.36m in 2016, which is a decline of 15.6% (-32m).

Though vinyl sales amongst album sales increased just above 4%.

The music industry is still healthy overall and some record companies need to have got themselves more lean than the excessive days of the 70s, 80s and 90s, when music was purchased through record shops, before the invention and arrival of the Internet!

*These figures in this story are all American figures for 2016.  

“Music streaming has out performed Video streaming!”

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