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Prince - A Piano & A Microphone 1983 first posthumous album release, since the superstar died in his Paisley Park complex on the 21st April 2016.

Warner Bros. Records has recently announced that they are releasing Prince’s first posthumous album release to coincide with the superstars sixtieth birthday.

The death of Prince was a real and unexpected shock to the world on that fateful day in April 2016; which was made all the more shocking that Prince who was a clean living guy ended-up like previous contemporary superstar Michael Jackson - dying from lethal medication.

The years of jumping up and downing often from great heights wearing high heels ended-up causing knee damage, which he should have knee replacements, but because he was a Jehovah Witness they believe in not having blood transfusions, so he never got the much needed surgery. So instead he medicated himself with a drug that is many times more powerful and addictive than heroin - Fentanyl.  

This new posthumous album was recorded in part in the early part of Prince’s career, before he hit superstardom with the Purple Rain album and film of the same name.

With so many posthumous releases we often hear songs recorded before the artist or group hits the big-time, often are ‘demos’ of songs that get released often being reworked for commercial success later on.

In the case of Prince we hear the stripped-down versions of songs like Purple Rain and the B-side single 17 Days.

Prince did do cover versions often making them in his own style, as this is a good example of recording Joni Mitchell’s - A Case of You.

Mary Don’t You Weep is an American Civil War Christian spiritual song recorded in 1915 by African American vocal group - The Fisk Jubilee Singers and will feature at the end credits of Spike Lee’s new film BlacKkKlansman.

Strange Relationship featured on Sign O’ The Times.

International Lover featured on 1999.

Wednesday was quite a dark song noted for violence, death and suicide, which was an outtake of the Purple Rain sessions.

An unlikely song from such a positive artist and clean living image he had - Cold Coffee & Cocaine and Why The Butterflies both unreleased songs.

The Prince Estate has recently released a dedicated website and another album will be released via Tidal in 2019, which is the brainchild of rapper JayZ.

“Prince before he became a superstar, is the basis of this first posthumous album release


A Piano & A Microphone

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