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Prophets of Rage is a supergroup with epic proportions consisting of members of the rock band Rage Against the Machine - Tom Morello (guitar) - Tim Commerford (bass) - Brad Wilk (drums). Then members of rap group Public Enemy - DJ Lord (decks) - Chuck D (vocals). To top this group Cypress Hill B-Real (vocals).

Now if you think Prophets of Rage is going to be some walk in the park or picnic then you’ll be excited to know that these cats mean business.

The music is dominated by pure power rage rock with DJ Lord putting in the necessary scratches to give it that rap-rock crossover feel, which does unite all communities especially in the racially divided American nation.

As you’d expect the songs reflect the political and social mood of America, which will suck the air out of your lungs, and leave you hyped-up.

The songs are written by masters of lyrically superiority and the injection of questions and flipping norms and systems that have been created by Mankind, to mainly suit the rich and powerful in order to influence the outcome of politics, social order and increase their financial strength.  

There is some interesting aspects to this album Prophets of Rage, that has to be mentioned and the group is made up of members from the African-American, Hispanic and European backgrounds, but unfortunately in American society regardless who is in power, it does remain deeply divided.

One hopes that the group members can help to unite America by the fact they’ve formed this important supergroup at this racially, socially and politically uneasy period in American society.

How long this supergroup lasts for is anyone’s guess, but they are playing globally to spread their message and you’ll be guaranteed that they won’t go or play quietly!


1.) Radical Eyes

2.) Unfuck the World

3.) Legalize Me

4.) Living on the 110

5.) The Counteroffensive

6.) Hail to the Chief

7.) Take Me Higher

8.) Strength in Numbers

9.) Fired a Shot

10.) Who Owns Who

11.) Hands Up

12.) Smashit  

Prophets of Rage is available through iTunes or if you prefer CD through Amazon   

Prophets of Rage are going to rip-up the World Order!


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