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The last Resident Evil film shows us the start, which was meant to protect the Human Race!”

The new Resident Evil film is unfortunately the last in the franchise hence the subtitle - The Final Chapter.

The film is a great finale, full of twists and drama that really engages you; as well as the settings that are gritty, in the usual dystopia and devastated landscape.

The plot sees the trouble come to where the Umbrella Corporation is housed beneath Racoon City, so the march is on to finally destroy the Umbrella’s bastion; though it won’t be easy as the Umbrella’s CEO Dr. Alexander Issacs (Iain Glen) wants to use the T-Virus as a biological weapon to kill the last human survivors and have total control over the world’s Zombies!

Like many films in the science fiction genre we get to the start of the formation of the Umbrella Corporation and who started with all good intention of helping to keep the human race alive and free from diseases and infection, which was developed by Alicia’s father Dr. James Marcus, but the side effects of this T-Virus could develop in people becoming blood thirsty ravaged savages - ZOMBIES!

But there is a cure!

Without giving too much away we see who Alicia Marcus is and her role in the Umbrella Corporation, and her true intentions and how she looks now; lets just say she’s looking older.

There is a further twist with The Red Queen [played by Milla Jovovich and Paul W.S. Anderson’s daughter Ever Gabo Anderson], who gets short-circuited and takes matters into her hands, though nothing is easy, as sides are switched.

As in previous films we get the confusion of the clones whether it’s Alice (Milla Jovovich) or other significant characters in the film.

The appeal to Resident Evil is the special effects, which don’t disappoint, but enhance the plot of the film rather than being the plot. This is down to the professionalism and director of all of the Resident Evil films - Paul W.S. Anderson.