Featuring on Clown Magazine

We get thousands of emails each month.

The dilemma is who do we pick?

Over the years we have supported the independent artists, musicians or bands since we started in the world of web digital platform magazine.

We are popular amongst Public Relations companies, who we have supported by puting reviews on both our web digital platform magazine.

Public Relations have earnt millions of pounds, dollars, euros as well as any other global currency.

We are not envious, but over the years we have had artists, musicians and bands contacting us offering us money for reviews.

We declined, as many of us had other paid jobs, so we could fund ourselves.

However, not due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we not only redesigned and using our own coding, we have gone more professional, and that also means we have ditched our jobs, well some of us lost our jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, we are starting to charge a small and managable amount of money to do respective music reviews of respective talented creative soulsters!

We charge $30 per review of your music release to feature on our web digital magazine platform.

We are an independent digital magazine and welcome financial support to keep our digital web platform continuing our much valued work in promoting the latest entertainment and independent artists and bands across the world.

This is what we do on our web digital magazine platform to promote your music release.

Once on our web digital magazine platform we put an image and text linked in the middle of well-known artists and bands reviews we do, which generally gets more hits as they are often international superstars, in their own right.

Therefore, we place your review on tag pages within our digital magazine, this will provide further exposure and eventually you'll become international superstars, in your own right! Well, that's the idea.

We promote your review on our digital magazine through our social media network, which goes beyond our network and gets even more hits.

For a limited time, we'll place you/your band onto our Clown Radio playlist, which gets you even more exposure and just as important paying fans.

Now before your heart is pumping with all this overwhelming information, we'll also place your music video on our Clown Television digital channel.

All you have to do is either use a credit card or paypal can pay through our website or the link on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, to place your review order with us.

Once your payment has been placed, we'll set to work and review your release/material.

Hopefully, we'll hear from you and then the fun begins!

Giving public relations companies a run for their money and promoting new and independent music!

Email us if you are interested