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Richard Ashcroft latest album These People has surprised many listeners as the music is very varied.

The songs featured in These People reflect a questioning of life currently and painting in some parts a bleak outlook.

The crop of songs that have a pop-rock sound is the first track Out of Body and the painfully honest song Everybody Needs Someone To Hurt.

The return seems a victory in How Does It Feel, where Richard Ashcroft looks happy at getting this album  completed despite the obstacles.  

You then have They Don’t Own Me which is full of rebellion and the next track Hold On, no matter what comes your way in your life.

These People is a nod to us British, with lots of Union Jacks and London’s landmarks that defines Great Britain, with the juxtapose countrified music.  

There is always a song about compromising situations and Picture Of You occupies that space.

Black Lines could be construed as a song about domestic abuse, but with tinges of hope with wanting to put ‘smiles on your face’.  

A thought with Ain’t The Future So Bright, that it seems a question mark should be placed at the end of the song title. The message is taunting those in powerful positions or the wealthy who say everything is all right and good?!  

Finishing off with another polished pop-rock funky track Songs Of Experience, which puts a smile on your face as you conjure up situations and experiences you have faced and been in.  

Richard Ashcroft is questioning life and the bleakness present