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Shed Seven has released their fifth album Instant Pleasures after 16 years since they released Truth Be Told (2001)!

But what a release, pure Shed Seven’s harder edged indie-rock music, and vocalist Rick Witter still sounds the same as in their dizzy heights of the ‘Britpop’ music scene of the 1990s.

Shed Seven hasn’t been sitting idle for all of those years with members of the group doing other ‘projects’ and as a group still popping-up sporadically doing live gigs.

But having been away for so long, what is the new material focusing on? Well, lets delve in and see what we see, and hear what we hear.

The single and starting point to Instant Pleasure is the full rock song Room in my House, that put Shed Seven on top straight away, no messing.

Nothing To Live Down and It’s Not Easy wants to make a strong impression on the listener and both songs have strong messages: one being resurrected into a life altering  situation; and the other recovering from one of life’s lows, which has befallen each group member since the break-up and subsequent faltering years.

Said I’m Sorry is the make-up song that may have something to do with the good old fashioned Britpop love song Victoria, has all the nice modern mellow sounds Shed Seven are coming-out with in this album. Another more uplifting beat in the similar ‘love’ content is Star Crossed Lovers.     

This is going to be a favourite for the Shed Seven diehard fan Better Days - as this song is on the slow side it brings the defining heart of the group.

Though you would feel Enemies and Friends is a bitter song about the past within the group, but if the songs lyrics was just about that it is concealed. In the latter song on the album  - but again in the same pool in the disco-indie groove of People Will Talk.

Well, we hear some maturity for sure in Hang On about not committing suicide, no matter how bad things get, however the music is uplifting - which will help to put the self-suicide kit away.  

Butterfly on a Wheel sounds familiar but Shed Seven make this track their own, with innocent lyrical themes like back in the younger days, like shyness and not understanding people that you’re in a relationship with. Well some things just don’t change, even with age!

Finishing off with a strong indie track Invincible, that has two clever lines in the song, ‘Breathing in and in seems overwhelming,’ - ‘Swimming could be good for me even though I’m drowning’ and lastly, ‘Even if we crash and burn in the END!’

Instant Pleasures - click here for the availability of the album.


Shed Seven have a heavier, edgier sound on their new album Instant Pleasure”


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