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We [Clown Magazine] want to set-out in simple and easy to follow terms and conditions, which includes data protection and how we collect and use information from visitors to our digital magazine platform and associated external platforms such as our blog’s and social media sites we use to promote our digital magazine and the content we receive from producers of artist material - whether art, film, music, or other forms of artistic and creative material and works, or any other form of entertainment that fits in within what we choose to include whether on our digital magazine platform or external sites we operate.

The most important point we like to make is that we have never or do not collect information to sell to third parties for any profit or revenue stream.

What we do with data and information we collect is to form a picture on how well Clown Magazine is doing across the Internet.

The Data and Information we collect:

Let’s break this section down into two parts:

Automatically when a visitor looks at our digital magazine we can see their ISP number, which can give us the geographic location and we can extract personal information to identify the visitor.

When the visitor is looking around our digital magazine COOKIES will be transferred onto the visitors computer, which will create a link between our servers and the visitors computer, which helps with navigation like using the backward and forward arrows on the search engine bar, thus allow quicker times if the visitor chooses to flicker around our digital platform.

Important to know and do this each time you finished browsing the Internet is to always CLEAN your computer with your ANTI-VIRUS programme, and Windows DISC CLEANUP programme, which will remove COOKIES, including Clown Magazine’s.

We respect and make secure information we collect from visitors to our digital platform and external including social media accounts.

What Data and Information we actually use:

We use general geographic information, which means we see a collective group of where people have seen or accessed our digital magazine platform, which includes external and social media sites.

We collect information on what gender and age visitors are in relation to the audience we are engaging and communicating with and to.

We collect data on how many times each page is visited

The Data and Information we are not interested in:

We are not interested in the ISP address of our visitors to the Clown Magazine digital platform.

We are not interested in identifying our visitors to the Clown Magazine digital platform.

We have never and do not intend to use any data and information to sell to third parties as a form of a revenue stream to Clown Magazine.

The Data and Information we store:

The only data and information we store concerns that of our email database which is what we use to send-out information relating to new content on our digital magazine in the form of emails.

We only reason we have retention of data and information of visitors details such as ISP addresses and the related information and data collected is on our systems until we delete such data and information, on regular maintenance of our servers.

We do not misuse data and information collected, which is securely stored on our servers.

As we do have a lot of inward email traffic it can take sometime before we process the information and data in order to promote the producers and senders of such content as film, television, theatre, music and other artistic material relevant to our digital magazine platform.


We Clown Magazine respect our visitors and those that seek to engage with us and with that mindset we only want to create a community with like-minded individuals, businesses or groups that have a mutual interest in the areas of the entertainment industry and scene.

You can set your own level of privacy within search engine browsers such as Microsoft’s Edge - Bing, Google, Mozilla, Yahoo! as well as countless others across the globe.

For these settings please click on the Browser you choose to use to view the Internet - so you can adjust your preferences on what you want Websites to access from you.

| Bing | Google | Mozilla | Yahoo! |

Browsers and Search Engines have their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies on the usages of their respective product.


The only revenue stream we use is Google’s Adsense programme to generate an income to help fund Clown Magazine’s operation and keep us going as a digital platform.

Adsense will use cookies to target tailored made adverts of what Internet sites we’ve been looking at, not only visiting the Clown Magazine digital platform.

If you wish to opt-out or personalise your advert settings within Google’s Adsense platform of targeted adverts please visit the Adsense site by clicking here.

What we are not responsible for:

Any visitor who accesses our Clown Magazine digital platform is to abide by the laws in your respective countries.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage to visitors equipment whether software or hardware as a result of visiting our digital magazine platform.

We are not responsible for any user of the Internet who breaks the laws of their respective countries and visits our digital magazine platform.

What visitors and users of the Internet must abide by our Terms and Conditions:

We welcome everyone who wants to see what content we currently have on our digital magazine platform.

However you must abide by our rules to make sure we have mutual respect of content provider and visitor, audience and/or the Internet user.

1. The content on our digital magazine platform  is subject to copyright controls and the content cannot be used without our written permission from the Editor at Clown Magazine.

2. There is to be no misuse whatsoever of our digital magazine platform.

3. There is to be no misuse of any property of Clown Magazine whether software, hardware, office buildings, motor vehicles and any of our digital platforms whether the Clown Magazine website or external sites.

4. There is to be no misuse or targeting of employees of Clown Magazine whether online or offline.

5. There is to be no authorisation of using the Clown Magazine logo, name or false representation whether internal or external and online and throughout the Internet.

6. Abuse, harassment, stalking or threats of violence or of a sexual nature will be dealt with respective law enforcement authorities of your respective country.

We have the right to change, modify and update our Terms and Conditions, which include our Privacy Policy, Data Protection Policy and any other part of our policies at anytime.

Please contact us for any further information on request through this link.

The regulator of the General Data Protection Regulation in the UK is the:

Information Commissioner's Office

There are offices that cater for England - Wales - Scotland - Northern Ireland are at this link