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The Man with the Iron Heart - Film Review

This film The Man with the Iron Heart, is about one of the most notorious Nazi leaders under Adolf Hitler - Reinhard Heydrich.    

The film catalogues Reinhard Heydrich (Jason Clarke) rise from  a regular soldier to one of the most feared Nazis’ as he became The Director of the Gestapo and also a member of Adolf Hitler’s elite fighting force the SS.

The film shows light on the controversy when Reinhard Heydrich was found guilty of going against the standards of an officer in the German Navy, when he dated a woman with the promise of marriage, which didn’t happen. Like any scandal the consequence destroyed Reinhard Heydrich, as he saw it as a stain against his name and future promotional opportunities.

But Reinhard Heydrich’s brush with Nazis Party elites came as no coincidence. He fell for a woman who later on became his wife Lina von Osten (Rosamund Pike), introduced him to Karlvon Eberstein who was a friend of Henrich Himmler (Stephen Graham) Head of the German Secret Police.

Heinrich Himmler was impressed with Reinhard Heydrich that he hired him to take charge of a counterintelligence unit of the SS, which was part of the Gestapo.

What really made Reinhard Heydrich most infamous was his final posting as the [Acting-Head] Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, which was another name for Czechoslovakia. This is when Reinhard Heydrich became the most feared Nazis leader, as his nickname was known as ‘The Butcher of Prague.’

One has to remember that being a good hard working Nazis and rising to became a leader, they had to show how evil they were, and yes, killing was part and parcel of their work, later on the ordering of killing those they thought were their enemy.

The basis of The Man with the Iron Heart comes towards the end of the middle part is when two Czech special agents Jan Kubiš (Jack O’Connell) and Jozef Gabčik (Jack Reynor) are sent from the Czechoslovakian government which operated in exile in London, England, with the order to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich.

It was a suicide mission and called Operation Anthropoid, but the effect on Adolf Hitler and the Nazis’ was that they were not invincible as they once thought. That at any point they could-be assassinated., However protected or feared they were across Europe.

Watch this film in its own merits rather than want many are comparing with the other film based on the actual Operation Anthropoid, which only focuses on the mission to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich, not his early life.

The Butcher of Prague finally had justice, when his evil deeds caught-up with him!”

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