50 years since The Beatles Abbey Road album was released

The Beatles Abbey Road album cover

It has been fifty-years since The Beatles released their final album Abbey Road in 1969.

The album cover has been much debated as to its meaning, but it is a funeral procession leaving the cemetery - that is The Fab Four's British humour and could have been seen that if The Beatles split-up and finished that life would still go on including the creativity of The Fab Four - with Paul McCartney being the deceased, which led to somewhat of a conspiracy theory ever since and John Lennon leading the funeral as a religious leader and Ringo Star the funeral director and George Harrison the gravedigger.

The album cover and location outside EMI studios, which was renamed by EMI as The Abbey Road Studios since The Beatles release of Abbey Road.

The zebra crossing is a tourist attraction and is now Grade II listed, which means it cannot be removed and is a permanent fixture on Abbey Road.

It has been recreated by many artists and musicians and holds a record for being the most recreated image across the world by fans, tourists and in the creative industry.

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The albums workings

Abbey Road was the final album where John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr recorded together as The Fab Four.

Despite some tensions between John's decision to have his new girlfriend Yoko Ono present in the studio, with the other three members, this album was fun to record and little did any of them or the public thought it would be the final album with all Beatle members together in the studio.

Recording technology had advanced to an eight track meaning instead of bouncing tracks together like in the previous Beatles albums and lowering the sound quality.

Furthermore, the electronic components had got better and the sound quality and reproduction has much more clarity than in previous Beatles albums.

Depending on whether you are a Beatles fan or not, many people have a different take on the quality of songs and the sound itself.

There is the introduction of the Moog synthesizer not only as a backing instrument but as a lead and main instrument on the songs.

There is also a finishing layer on the album's mastering that was created using a variety of electronical gadgets that polishes up the finished 'audience' sound, nicely.

Every song is a classic masterpiece, though John Lennon - didn't think much of this album; though this could be due to tensions amongst The Fab Four, shortly after Abbey Road was released.

With the mellow and smooth nature of the songs: Come Together and I Want You (She's So Heavy) are very subtle and soft-rock tracks.

George Harrison contributed to the album with what Frank Sintra said and later recorded it, “Is the best song he's listened to,” - a love song to his lover - Something. The other composed song Harrison did on the album was Here Comes The Sun - quite a modern classical inspired piece of music, celebrating the start of the day and life itself.

Following from Sgt Peppers Heart Clubs Band album and the Magical Mystery Tour EP features songs about characters - Maxwell's Silver Hammer, the underwater world of Octopus's Garden courtesy of Ringo Starr and Mean Mr Mustard and Polythene Pam the latter two part of the sixteen-minute medley.

The other songs that form the sixteen-minute medley: You Never Give Me Money, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End.

The Beatles got bluesy on Abbey Road and Oh Darling captures this American influence in plain sight.

Because has The Fab Four delivering acapella vocals with longtime producer George Martin layering the track with hapischord to give a classical edge to the track.

Sun King was The Beatles version of newly released Fleetwood Mac track Albatross in 1968. The reverb guitar sound and structure is almost perfectly inline.

Her Majesty lasts only twenty-seven seconds and is a hidden track on the album; something new in those days, but again The Beatles are so influential and relevent in today's culture globally.

Availability of The Beatles: Abbey Road

The Beatles: Abbey Road (50th Anniversary Edition) album is available at HMV