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A Private War is based on the life of war journalist Marie Colvin who worked for the British newspaper - The Times where she lived in London.

The film is based on an article written in Vanity Fair magazine by writer Marie Brenner in honour of Marie Colvin when she died in 2012.

Naturally you see the warzone conditions Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) lived in while reporting on the effects and aftermath of conflicts between opposing forces.

While in Sri Lanka she lost her left eye after being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade that was fired by a Sri Lankan soldier while travelling with Tamil guides in the Northern part of the country.

The story focusses on her strength in dealing with the stresses of being in a conflict situation and never forgetting that she was at times the only witness to what was happening daily, whether embedded with the military or on the otherside, which is often more grim and dangerous. Though as time went on and Marie Colvin got acquainted to warzones, she choose to go onto the otherside, not listening to the narrative of the supposedly 'official' story and facts.

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Though as time went on she often choose to be on the otherside. The film looks at the adrenaline 'junkie' factor - when people return to civilian life, they get bored - thus seeking more danger, and when you're a war reporter that means always wanting to return to conflict zones.

If you want something so badly you have to make sacrifices and this often means that you achieve a career at the expense of a personal life.

This is no different in Marie Colvin's life by being divorced twice (to the same spouse) and her second husband acclaimed Bolivian reporter Juan Carlos Gumucio, who killed himself in 2002, Bolivia.

The other difficulty in Marie Colvin, which is explored is the fact she seemed to want a child, but travelling to warzones, and often at short notice this eluded her.

Rosamund Pike plays journalist Marie Colvin
Rosamund Pike plays journalist Marie Colvin

With all of the pyschological drama exposed as the negative force of war reporting, once in these environments Marie Colvin seemed to just concernrate on getting her work done, which unfortunately came to ahead in Homs, Syria.

Well worth watching this film as you'll find the depth explored in Marie Colvin as a person very compelling.

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