CD Baby opens up an office in London

CD Baby independent record label logo

CD Baby opens up a new office in London, due to its ever expansive presence both of artists, bands and consumers.

CD Baby celebrated its twentieth year in business and like many newish companies it has weathered many storms, but is maintaining a good business model in a very tough and tumble industry.

CD Baby's ethos is to serve independent music creators to give the best possible opportunity of bringing success.

We are an independent digital magazine and welcome financial support to keep our digital web platform continuing our much valued work in promoting the latest entertainment and independent artists and bands across the world.

Over the years CD Baby has signed 150+ digital distribution deals, which includes Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and Tidal.

The revenue CD Baby generates is from physical CDs, Vinyl and YouTube adverts, sync licensing fees and publishing and mechnical royalities with majority of the revenue going to music creators or labels.

Recently CD Baby has signed a deal with Cosynd that offers affordable legal services and helps to draw-up contracts of copywriting music and songs; so that music creators get revenue from their music compositions and songs wherever they are played - either through streaming or the more traditional means of radio.

Tracy Maddux CEO CD Baby "I am hugely looking forward to our deeper relationship hereon with the UK and European artist community, as we support and empower them through our platform and services to grow their audience, maximise revenue streams, and take their career to the next stage."

CD Baby represents 650,000 recording artists, 100,000 songwriters, 500,000 albums, 7 million tracks over 800+ genres and has distributed £392 million to independent artists, songwriters and labels.

Rich Orchard will be heading the new London office at Holborn Studios as EU Director of Market Development.

Steve Cusack will be taking on the role as Artist Relations and Promotions Representative bringing together a variety of departments under one roof at the London - CD Baby office.