EA Sports – FIFA 20

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EA Sports – FIFA 20

The release of another exciting football game in the EA Sports franchise FIFA 20.

So, what’s under the hood to make this latest EA Sports football game, that makes this the best in the esports gaming world?

There is a fluid feel to the dynamics of the players performance whether going in for the tackle or taking the killer set piece on the edge of the goalkeepers area.

The great thing about EA Sports FIFA football game is that you can play at any level regarding the way you control your team and players using the gaming controller.

For those esport gamers who have mastered all of the gaming controllers different combinations will play fantastic, impressive and on the edge of your seat football on FIFA 20.

The performance engine includes a much more realistic physics concerning the ball and how it performs not just how it is kicked but in different weather conditions.

There are more features like the Wrong gameplay where you can customise players kit and the type of football pitch, which includes painted in different colours or graffiti on the walls that replicates millions of football pitches across the world whether in rich countries or in the most poorest – football has no boundaries or barriers, just as long as you have a football and markers for goals.

EA Sports – FIFA 20 – Wrong Gameplay

The more professional version of the previous is the Volta playing mode where you can pick your player make the neccessary customisation and play around the world’s 5-aside pitches with whatever team you like.

EA Sports – FIFA 20 – Volta Gameplay

Overall of the different gameplays the celebrations have been turned-up and double flips and walking-up walls and fences have had a lick of paint to make just as entertaining as the style, skills, gameplay and goals scored.

With the rise and popularity of Women’s Football since FIFA 16 this area has got much better and the players looking for iconic and many well-known and familiar footballers.

When you think EA Sports cannot do anything more to improve this remarkable football game they always come up with much more than you can think of in making this decades old game relevant and exciting in todays world.

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