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EA Sports FIFA 22 featuring French striker Kylian Mbappe and Australia top female striker Sam Kerr

The next instalment of EA Sports most globally successful franchise, FIFA 23 has come out, and it has not disappointed the faithful efootballers who have been playing this game.

Electronic Arts (EA) has already pulled out all the stops in developing and just us important improving, especially ironing out literally those imperfects and bugs that plagued the last-years instalment.

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Let's dive in and take a look at what's hot and happening in FIFA 23:

The HyperMotion Technology that was developed by EA Sports has advanced vastly, and that is called HyperMotion2, which is the software that uses the Frostbite engine that drives the automated plus utilising its continuous machine learning to make all of those calculations plus together with artificial intelligence during gameplay and allow a thoroughly immersive experience for the players!

The most stand out new feature for the first-time women's football is included in FIFA 23.


EA Sports had to build a completely new engine based on how women move using their HyperMotion2 advanced technology and like in the men's gameplay they hired a football stadium and played matches and did set pieces over and over again so they could replicate the movement and make the gameplay as realistic as it can be.

With women's football now a feature there is an add-on especially for the Women's World Cup currently being played in both the co-host countries of Australia and New Zealand.

The FIFA games have a host of club and international teams including the domestic and continental club tournaments and yes, including the World Cup.

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When playing you have the Pro Clubs and the Volta Football experience which allows gamers to play with their friends in a community, and the Fut Co-op, which both can be more of downtime just playing with friends, where anything can happen and is a way of relaxing and having fun.

The Ultimate Team section has some impressive features including the Road to UEFA, just like in Pro Clubs you can modify your players and even have them looking like you!

FIFA 23 is much more personal and Electronic Arts sport division magicians put a lot of energy, focus and emphasis on making it so.

You will not be disappointed, especially once you've mastered the controller combinations, which in FIFA 23 is heavily loaded and with more fantastic moves, set pieces and finishing.

Well worth the wait however short as these EA Sports FIFA games come out each year.

Available for the following platforms!

FIFA 23 Xbox Series X

FIFA 23 Playstation 5

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