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Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch Album Review

Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch Album Cover

Nine Inch Nails spend a lot of time inbetween album releases and now after a five-year wait we have Bad Witch.

Bad Witch starts with Shit Mirror a pretty standard punk-industrial rock themed outing.

We get to the stratching guitar sounds, with a jungle-rock drum beat going at speed to Trent’s distorted voice as he sings in Ahead of Ourselves.

Quite a departure is the use of trumphet and other wind-instruments on this instrumental composition Play The Goddamned Part, which is leaning on the jazz side of things.

With titles like God Break Down the Door and then the following-up track I’m Not From This World go well together - slipping to the next dimension or world after God has broken the door that traps us.

Last track is Over and Out a gloomy song of endings in life or the world, having sounds from the ’80s electronic machine beats and smutterings of electronic sounds and guitar samples, both going well together in the creative cauldron

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