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The return of one of the most successful games, which Rockstar did actually sabotage for Grand Theft Auto franchise, which was overwelmingly successful as well as the controvesy that [Grand Theft Auto] game caused over the years.

Still Red Dead Redemption II is well worth the wait. Though the engine that powered the first Red Dead Redemption was used to power the Grand Theft Auto III and further advances in gaming technology allowed Grand Theft Auto V to be developed.

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So, full circle the gaming technology that was developed by the Rockstar team was used in Red Dead Redemption II has pushed boundaries which the Rockstar developers are happy to talk about these improvements.

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“We're thieves in a world, that don't want us no more”

Arthur Morgan

As far as the plot you can expect the Wild West is still untamed and as hostile as ever to law abiding folks you want to just farm and sit on the porch at night and the weekends to relax and talk about their days and a little socialising with dancing and liquor.

The story and character you play is Arthur Morgan who is Outlaw Number One and he can either do bad, or good but he is still a badass Outlaw!

Arthur Morgan is part of the Dutch Van der Linde gang who terrorise the open world frontier of 1899 America.

What is unique to Red Dead Redemption is the fact you can hunt down outlaws or just petty criminals, or by your bad actions be the one with a bounty on your head!

What's more is the fact that just like in real life, folks will remember you and how you left your impress on them is how they'll interact with you if you return or bump into them later on down the road.

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There is so much in Red Dead Redemption 2 that you will never be bored with this game, plus the game will go live, meaning you can have a real old ruck with gamesters across the world!


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