The Mule Film Review

The Mule Film Poster

What you get with a Clint Eastwood film is pure perfection and a great storyline, which sums up his lastest offering The Mule.

The film is based on a real life person Leo Sharp but in the film, he's called Earl Stone, that makes it more poignant and the problems of everyday life do not seem to improve, even if you get to a ripe old age.

Earl Stone (Clint Eastwood) has got to the end of the spectrum of life and has tried to do his best in providing for his family. But tensions exist due to being on the road, as this is where Earl Stone was more at home.

The Mule: Iris Stone, Alison Eastwood
Iris Stone and Alison Eastwood

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An elderly single man still struggling after all of these years and as recessions hit so does work and a lack of money pushes a man to do unimaginable and desperate things.

When things do not go your way a sense of not caring and unexpected opportunities come your way.

You see the naivety of Earl Stone and he's just told to drive, which he's been doing all his life, and when he gets his payment - he cannot believe the amount.

When people get a bonus, they start to calculate what they can do, whereas for so many years they could not afford much.

While watching this film you must keep reminding yourself that this film doesn't endorse any form of criminality, but you can see why so many people get caught in criminality, especially once they get caught, jailed and get a criminal record.

The Mule: DEA Agent Brown, Loren Dean
DEA Agent Brown and Loren Dean

Not only does it transform Earl's life, he starts to help those around him and the community as you find everyone else around you are struggling - just as hard as you.

The conclusion of the story doesn't seem to benefit Earl's but once you see whta happens you sense that all of life's worries are taken care of for Earl Stone.

As for the criminality that still exists and doesn't just get more prolific but gets more violent.

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