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Can you believe that they criminalised 'Brazilian Funk', or correctly known as known as 'funk carioca' just like the samba decades earlier, but due to artists and musicians standing together thankfully the music persisted and now Anitta embarks on breaking through in an international career; after conquering and becoming a mainstream in her country, Brazil.

Brazil, like most countries, has had a difficult and oppressive past, but the poorest parts of Brazilian cities house the worst slums called favelas.

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Like most poor parts of major cities, they have problems, and the Brazilian favelas are a hotbed of criminal behaviour with illegal drug dealing often invites police raids, which can get out of hand and often leads to full blown gun battles, which leave many citizens and police dead.

Because of poverty there are many Brazilian 'funk carioca parties', which have been targeted by the authorities and this leads to violence between citizens, local criminals, and the police.

Anitta speaks openly about the social injustice that still exists in Brazil between the poor and the authorities and police, as well as being proud of not only succeeding out of the favela's but as a woman as well.

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Brazilian pop star Anitta
Anitta at the Billboard Music Awards

Getting back to the music Anitta as a solo artist you are much freer to explore and cover other music styles and genres, so Anitta has gone more pop and loosely infusing Brazilian funk carioca into the mix.

Brazilian pop star Anitta

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Since the Netflix: Anitta Made in Honório, she has gone from strength to strength. Playing across the world in America, England and across Europe, as her 'international' popularity has had a huge boost from this documentary.