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Let's show some love to Pepsi because Carrefour doesn't!

French supermarket Carrefour

The leading French supermarket chain Carrefour is boycotting Pepsi because of a price increase, debunking the notion that it was only Britain “who are a bunch of shopkeepers,” according to the French dictator Napoleon!

So, let's show some love to Pepsi and buy as much as this most iconic worldwide brand for almost 70-years, unlike the only French national brand of Carrefour.

What has Pepsi done to the world?

Well, they've funded the most famous artists known to Mankind, let's start with Micheal Jackson, who did in fact and most unfortunate had his head ignited on the set of a Pepsi advert film set.

While coming in second to Coca Cola, Pepsi has always sold well in all global territories including France and Carrefour deciding to not stock Pepsi in protest over a price increase, maybe they should listen to their customers who seem to complain all the time, though the French are most used to complaining, and this case the weekly if not daily price increases across all of their brands, so what's really going on at Carrefour.

Well, the French being proud nationalists are highly likely and high probability if not potentially of following out of love with America and Americans.

American soft drink company Pepsi
American soft drink company Pepsi

Though don't be alarmed! The French have a love-hate relationship with America and her citizens, unlike with the hatred they have with their northern neighbours, Great Britain and the British.

Though the contradiction is that Great Britain and France have both had Kings who not only ruled one of the countries but both at the same time!

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Getting slightly off-topic with the politics and historical facts, Pepsi will have no trouble in selling their drink and other related products as there are many supermarkets and France does have a whole bunch of small and medium retail players to stock and sell Pepsi to the French who actually love their drink and other related products.

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We just think in our most humble of British opinions that Carrefour will end up shooting themselves in the foot, like Russian roulette (Napoleon went there too!) or some self-absorbed righteous ego boost while puffing their chests out!