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Hit n Run Phase Two
Album Review
Prince Hit n Run Phase Two album review at Clown Magazine

"Sadly this was the last album Prince finished and released months before his untimely death."

This is the thirty ninth album after the first HitnRun Phase One, of the late great funkster released in his lifetime, Hit n Run Phase Two.

Prince incorporates so much into his later album, which is a joyful and uplifting experience even though in the starting track Baltimore is about the death of Freddie Gray and the overall high shooting death rate throughout the United States to this day.

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Keeping the high energy for all things good sounding Rock n Roll Love Affair is another labour of love in its simplicity.

The one thing Prince was good at was to use symbols and one letters to spell out the title's of his songs or incorporate them into his lyrics and 2 Y. 2 D. though the full in plain english title is 2 Young 2 Dare.

Look At Me, Look At U gets more sexy and funky and it hasn't taken long to get that groovy Prince standard music trademark, to hit your ears and make them pure jazzy funky.

The funk just keeps bursting at the seams and with Stare a great bass riff is popping, with horns filling in the silent breaks, with Prince singing and huffing and puffing as he stimulates looking on by, or you can just stare, it's up to you!

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Xtralovable is actually a word, wow! Prince was always confident and didn't let things like height or the lack of it stop him from being a sexable unstoppable soul! Just marvel at this modern beat of a song and click your fingers to the infectious beat.

It's not a Prince album with some soul and Groovy Potential will get the crowd moving and popping in this sweet coming together of early lovers themed lyrical masterpiece.

Getting into a real slow ballad is the next offering When She Comes, though you could read this song in two ways, whether she arrives slowly or even if she orgasms so slowly! You can make up your mind on that one.

Getting rather punky and rocking with a great attitude is Screwdriver. This track lets you just rock out, but make sure you don't smash up the place, or break that sentimental vase. But the lyrics are clever, “I'm your driver, you're my screw!”

Getting on point to the groove of the album Black Muse shifts it straight back. Though the song deals with racism, you have to really listen to Prince and the backing vocals to grasp the full meaning of this deep topic of a song.

Religion and spirituality was important and was a part of Prince and Revelation talks his language, to the slow beat and lone saxophone that interjects throughout the song, as if it is a calling of the masses.

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Big City is a rabble rousing fun song of getting funky in a city away from the countryside or farm. Just except bright lights and shiny happy faces, with eyes wide open.

It is hard to come down from the excitement of a Prince album, which is testimony to one of the greatest musicians of our modern time.

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