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The 'Queen
of Rock 'n' Roll' Tina Turner dies

The Queen of Rock 'n' Roll Tina Turner

Tina Turner the woman who was for many years the front vocalist of the duo with her abusive husband and songwriter, guitarist and producer Ike Turner during the 1960s and 1970s has died at the age of 83, in her adopted country of Switzerland with her husband by her side.

The abuse Tina Turner had to suffer at the hands of Ike Turner was not public knowledge but those within the Ike and Tina duo backing band and backing singers who the latter where slapped and hit around at times of Ike's drug and alcohol fuelled rage as well.

Ike and Tina Turner early performance
Ike and Tina Turner early performance

Ike Turner, like many black guitarists at the time during the 1950s, played black only cotton clubs where blues music, which included upbeat numbers as well entertained - was still an oppressed part of American society at the time of segregation laws that prevented blacks and whites from mixing in clubs and worst still in loving relationships.

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At one club in Tina Turner's city Ike and his band rolled in and Ike would as part of the song allow especially women to sing whether he was searching for the next big thing or to find a sexual partner for the night this is when both Ike and a young and excited Tina life would never be the same, when Ike saw the potential and money be to be made with Tina singing his songs.

It is cited that Ike was searching for something and it just happened to come from Tina and this led to him not having to play the circuit of cotton clubs and hit the mainstream with his blend of blues, gospel, soul, funk and rock elements to gain acceptance of the majority of white America.

Success comes with many risks and in the case of some many musicians not just Ike, which unfortunately happens to this day the allure of drugs in the case of Ike, cocaine was his drug of choice.

Being under the influence and being signed to a major record company and getting hit songs the pressure becomes unbearable and this is not an excuse of Ike being violent and even raping Tina in their home recording studio while working on Nutbush led to him snapping, which eventually broke the couple apart and while Tina several times before, she finally choose to escape to forge her own path.

It wasn't easy as Ike controlled every part of their lives and this included the finances so when Tina finally had enough and escaped from Ike she had nothing, just the clothes on her back.

She begged the night manager of the Ramada Inn to allow her to stay and pay later, which surprisingly and a credit to humanity chose to give her shelter in her most desperate need of help.

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In the lawsuit between her and Ike she only demanded one thing from him and that was her stage name he gave her, which was as we know Tina Turner.

She could have got her cut from future revenue of songs she had sung on from her days as part of the Ike and Tina duo, but she felt it was better to cut herself off from Ike and give him the sole rights to his songs and recordings and forge a new identity using her stage name.

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By this time Tina was forty years old, which by the standards of the 1980s was fairly old and the genre of music she wanted to enter was Rock 'n' Roll, as she put it something fun like The Rolling Stones!

It took a lot of convincing and persuading for her to finally get a record company to see her vision and allowed her to record an album, which was recorded and ready for release within three weeks, as the record company was not prepared to sink a lot of cash into the recording with the high risk of losing a big chunk of the investment.

Tina Turner receiving one of twelve Grammy's she won in her lifetime
Tina Turner receiving one of twelve Grammy's she won in her lifetime

However, her fifth solo album Private Dancer, was a big hit and it was a new beginning for Tina Turner, which led to her recording and releasing a further five albums, winning a variety of awards including twelve Grammy's in her lifetime, as well as many others across the world.

Tina and Erwin lifelong romantic partners
Tina and Erwin lifelong romantic partners

She found love in a new partner German music executive who worked with EMI Erwin Bach, who she would later marry after being together for 27-years in 2013.

She was estranged from her sons apart from Craig Turner who unfortunately died in 2018, thought to be from suicide, and through Ronnie Turner - who also died in 2020 from colon cancer - became a proud grandmother was the icing on the cake for a woman who had to deal with domestic abuse in her formative youthful years.

Tina Turner later moved away from America and settled in Switzerland and became a Swiss citizen in 2013, renouncing her American citizenship in the process.

Overcoming her difficulties she became simply the best!

As Tina Turner was a practising Buddhist their belief system says you can come back!

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