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Modern Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Games Poster

The leading warfare game Call of Duty has returned packed to the rim of full-blown action, which hasn't disappointed the faithful who have been born with the soldier mentality!

Modern Warfare is a milestone step-up from the previous games.

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What is interesting is the fact of getting back to basic fighting, without neccessarily using modern tactical hardware.

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The graphics technology used in this game has lept to another level, to create more realism and conflict with objects once all hell breaks loose.

Even though the theatre of war is in a fictional country Urzikstan, the scenery has been taken from the Syrian Civil War and also included in the city centre based on recent European terrorist attacks to give a balance of the difference between terrain combat and house to house fighting, as well as a global interaction of events, consequences and the action required to neutralise enemy forces.

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare
Modern Warfare seeking the enemy

One the Allies side you have CIA Agent Alex and his wingman on the ground SAS Captain John Price, who are taking on the Russian Army who want to seize the chemical gas in the region and fictional terrorist group Al-Qatala.

SAS Captain John Price
SAS Captain John Price

Though not popular with every gamer the need to keep purchasing extra maps, military hardware and other content has been scrapped, and replaced with extra goodies offered before the player enters the theatre of war.

There is an intelligence factor to Modern Warfare, where you have to assess the environment for potential threats or obvious threats.

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There isn't a fully linear way through the different environments, but the inclusion of civilians in the warzone makes it much more interesting and nerve-racking; because you never know whether they are a friend or foe.

The creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have packed a lot into this game and its already a huge hit amongst the gaming community as a whole.

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