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But Here We Are
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Foo Fighters new album But Here We Are

This is the first full length album to be released since the death of longtime and founding member drummer Taylor Hawkins, making Dave Grohl returning to the back seat and actually doing drumming duties throughout every song, which is a different sounding album than previous Foo Fighters releases.

The songs are softer in tone and the guitars are warmer and shoegaze tones and qualities, with Dave Grohl's vocals much airier and slowly delivered sometimes with his eldest daughter Violet singing which smooths out the sound even more.

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Let's start the ball rolling with Rescued that thumps with a blast but has all of the hallmarks especially in the chorus part of classic Foo Fighters, in a song about wanting a strong hand to search for a way to wherever you want to go.

Having a surprise entrance to Under You, which drives along and is full of opposites we deal with in life, and just as important of memories of past acquaintances whether alive or those that have passed to the afterlife.

Yes, this is probably all of our downfalls in Hearing Voices and thankfully you'll never feel like you're the only one that does have this infliction.

This song is taken from the album title But Here We Are is making a statement of how we are ornot-at-all.

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The Glass is one of my favourite tracks on the album; it just flows nicely and has a different sound than the other songs on the album.

Nothing At All sounds tighter and much more aggressive and could be a good contender for a Nirvana grunge song, (though referring to Dave Grohl's previous super-grunge-group may get a tiring comparison) but I'm sure there is some of the past that went into the development and angle of this particular track.

This is one of those softer songs quite cute in its message and another song featuring Dave Grohl's daughter in Show Me How of seeking someone or something and of being reassuring everything will be alright as you're in good hands.

This is a reflective song which we think of at some point in life, what happens Beyond Me or us? Well, life continues while others stay still in moments of loss. But the piano strikes the right notes to accompany the rest of the theme of caring even if the main chorus lyrics repeat, “Forever young and free!” meaning once you've passed your physical presents end there, well, as far as if you are tragically young.

The Teacher wants to burst but it's restrained by this shoegaze quality of the production on the album, but does give a good punch as Grohl repeats, “Where will I wake up,” as if we are supposed to come out of some kind of amnesia. However, after losing Kurt Cobain in the early '90s, and having to go through all of the sorrow and unhappy feeling all over again when Taylor died, this seems to be a song dealing with these unfortunate situations, and the most telling lyrical line is, “Show me how to say goodbye. Show me how to grieve,” and then towards the end of the track repeating, “Goodbye!” very poignant.

Rest starts off with just an acoustic guitar and vocals, though ends with the compressor turned up to signify the ending of life and is very obviously directed at the passing of Taylor Hawkins as it is even more of a sad song of letting his soul go, while those left behind have to deal with his loss amongst the living, which is easier said than thought.

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After listening to every song, you are left satisfied that if this was the album to come back after the untimely death of such an integral member of the Foo Fighters and who powered most of their songs in the backroom driving seat of their drums, then this is a fitting honour for Taylor Hawkins.

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