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This is quite a gem and an unexpectant great independent film about a crew on a military rig in the middle of the ocean between two warring continents, that have been reduced due to flooding of most of the landmass of the world.

You already hear the environmentalists say we warned you of global warming or now called climate change of how the future looks like, as this is depicted in the year of 2063 in Last Sentinel.

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The opening scenes make you aware very quickly that danger is all around and more so of being on a rig with depleted supplies and nefarious actors threatening the survival of this small crew of four.

Hendrichs in charge of the three crew platoon soldiers aboard the military rig
Hendrichs in charge of the crew

The actors may not be well known apart from the lead character Hendrichs (Thomas Kretschmann), together with the support platoon soldiers: Sullivan (Lucien Laviscount), Cassidy (Kate Bosworth), and Baine (Irish actor Ben Pullen), but this doesn't take away from the fact that the script and plot line is very well put together that everything else in Last Sentinel just falls into place.

Baines and Sullivan part of the crew of four aboard the military rig
Baines and Sullivan

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Sullivan and Cassidy part of the crew of four aboard the military rig in the ocean
Sullivan and Cassidy

This does create tension and more so with two crew members Sullivan and Cassidy having an intimate relationship, which relieves their stress levels with a good dose of sex, but for the other two they just got more tense and stressed.

However, relationships between man and woman get strained as well as between Hendrichs and the other crew members when they feel under threat whether the enemy is real or their paranoia sets in and infighting, violence and assault becomes the main survival theme on this isolated military rig.

This film is well worth watching with the suspense levels increasing and decreasing in line with the minimalist soundtrack.

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Just as a fun fact this has been financed by the Estonian Film Institute as well as a host of film production companies.

The actual rig they are on is real and is located surprisingly in Estonia. Some people have actually bought these old-World War II military rigs and made them great isolated luxury homes.

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