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Keep Breathing

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Keep Breathing is a great Netflix original limited series of only six-episodes featuring the main character Liv (Melissa Barrera) who wants to get to a remote place in the Canadian wilderness to visit her mother after the death of her father.

Liv needs to get a connecting flight from a medium sized airport and has to wait for the next available flight from an unhelpful front of house checking in clerk.

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As the Cessna gets pushed around by turbulence Liv notices that they are losing attitude and eventually the aircraft's engine catches fire and they plummet into a lake, hence the title of the series Keep Breathing.

All three of them survive but the pilot has his broken leg pinned to the flight pedals and is unable to be freed from Liv, who is abandoned by the male passenger who panics as he cannot swim and he opens up the rear door allowing water to flood the Cessna, which is upside down and as the water fills the light aircraft it becomes upright and sinks.

Liv and the co-pilot on the shore in the lake they crashed into a remote part of Canada
Liv and the co-pilot

Liv does a brave thing and holds the frightened dying pilot while he drowns and then she treads roughly forty feet to the surface of the lake.

She helps the male passenger who nearly drowns the both of them to the shore of the lake.

Unfortunately, he is wounded, and she tries to save his life, but he soon dies, leaving an abandoned Liv to fend for herself in the lonesome and vast wilderness of Canada.

The story then shifts to Liv trying different ways of using her survival skills she learnt while in the girl guides when she was a young girl.

Liv taking shelter under foliage
Liv taking shelter under foliage

The frustration of things not working out but having to figure out ways of surviving while the dead male passenger tries to tell her to give up, as it is only going to be a matter of time until she too dies the harsh environment, not to mention from a visiting bear, or eating by mistake poisonous berries.

As Liv is trying ways to survive, she reflects on past events in her life from her parents splitting up and then being abandoned by her psychotic artistic mother Lucia (Florencia Lozano), and difficulties growing up with her much loved father Tomas Riveria (Juan Pablo Espinosa).

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Liv is a tough young woman and then you find out she is pregnant by a romantic encounter with a work colleague Danny (Jeff Wilbusch) at the law firm she works at, and moments where she pushes him away as she acts on past traumatic moments that have happened to her during her life.

Liv and Danny getting intimate
Liv and Danny getting intimate

Keep Breathing has been put together very well and the acting from the characters are well performed and delivered, especially by Melissa Barbarea playing the main character Olivia 'Liv' Rivera, or just Liv throughout the six-episodes.

The only complaint if you can call it that was that Liv's makeup while trying to survive in the vast Canadian wilderness didn't change, so well done from the makeup department, but if you survive a plane crash, have to swim forty feet to the surface of a lake, and light fires you're not going to have perfect intact makeup on your face.

There is enough to be a spoiler alert on this review, but we'll leave you something that we haven't spoken about, which is the ending, feel free to leave comments about what you think of the ending?

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