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"When you allow thugs to get rich, this is what happens"

The popular Netflix series looking at the history of Latin American drug cartels is back with the next installment: Narcos: Mexico

Narcos - Mexico focusses on Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) who was a Mexican police officer who seems to be portrayed as a rather relucant small-time drug boss.

One has to note that Deigo Luna plays Félix Gallardo with a constant look of dread, especially as the rise of Félix Gallardo into a full-blown drug cartel, who took the rest of the other Mexican cartels into a powerful national organisation.

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The story gives Félix Gallardo as someone who has a conscience as he had the ambition and drive to become a rich 'businessman' but the only way he was going to do this - is to make a pact with the devil and become a leader in the drug cartels of Mexico.

Félix Gallardo wasn't a stupid man as he set-out and founded his own Guadalajara Cartel, with a few associates that were knocking around with him.

At first it was marijuana drug dealing and smuggling, which posed problems as the Mexican authorities by all accounts did keep a lid on things and didn't allow these drug cartels from stepping-out-of-line.

But the fact that Félix Gallardo moved his family and associates to Guadalajara, meant that he stepped-on the other cartels that operated in the vicinity. This was a calculated move and shows the reason as the series progresses.

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What is good for business is less killings and heat from the Mexican police and secret service the DFS. So Félix Gallardo set about getting all of Mexico's cartels together in a national organisation that reduced tensions between the cartels, which are known as 'plazas' to reduce assassinations on Mexican streets.

But the trouble is that having mostly uneducated people throughout the different levels of these Mexican drug cartels, peace doesn't last for long. You can have a few footsoldiers that spark a full-blown war between differing cartels, as Félix Gallardo would say, “Be bad for business.”

The other problem the Mexican drug cartels had to deal with was the American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

The DEA were only there to gather intelligence and keep a low profile and not to interfere with the Mexican authorities or law enforcement. Even though they knew what was going on and all of the corruption and dysfunctionality of the Mexican state; they would only act once drugs and members of Mexico's drug cartels went into the United States of America.

The rise of cocaine was so lucrative that this is where the drug cartels not just in Mexico but the rise of the Colombian cartels and in particular Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura).

With most of the Latin American authorities in the pockets of the drug cartels this cocaine machine became unstoppable. Unfortunately this is what fuels the deaths of so many men, women and children across Latin America to this day.

Like most empires the fall is more dramatic than the rise

The opening of Narcos - Mexico shows DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña) who is being dragged into a room and towards the last few episodes we see his fate at the hands of the Guadalajara Cartel and Félix Gallardo.

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The next Netflix Narcos series may be about the rise of another Mexican drug cartel boss Joaquin Guzman or more infamously known as El Chapo.

Though currently El Chapo is on trail in the United States and any new Netflix Narcos series would probably have to wait until the case is over. El Chapo has spoken of 'external forces' who helped his drug smuggling operations into the United States.