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Papa Roach - Who Do You Trust Album Review at Clown Magazine

Papa Roach have comeback with - Who Do You Trust?

This new Papa Roach album will certainly be a blessing to the ears of their fans, as well as the new crop of rockers, as this album does sound fresh and has a modern alternative hard rock edge to the music.

It is incredible that Papa Roach have been around for twenty six years!

The album title is actually tapping into the mood around the world of people asking many questions, without hitting the nail on the head with the answers.

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There are moments of total rage and the urge of rising-up in revolt in Renegade Music and further outrage in the opening The Ending and Who Do You Trust?

The way the tracklisting of songs on the album are cleverly orchestrated and while you may have everything at your feet in Top of the World it comes with headaches in I Suffer Well and mental anguish in Maniac, then after all of that the reflection in Better Than Life.

A couple of songs that have a different feel and mood to the music are Not The Only One and Elevate.

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Speaking about your feelings isn't something everyone does comfortably, which is explored in Come Around, and the need for your friend in distress just to see you and have a chat about the worries in life.

Being rather homesick or uncomfortably within a relationship or friendship is the main theme in this uptempo double hitter - Feel Like Home.

Overall, Papa Roach really comes-out on top and you'll not feel short-changed with, Who Do You Trust?

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