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Another great film starring the most underrated actor Gerald Butler playing Captain Brodie Torrance in Plane, which is about a passenger jet aircraft having to make an emergency landing in the Philippines.

You think surviving an emergency landing on a makeshift dirt runway the ordeal is over, but this is just the start.

Co-pilot Samuel Dele played by Yoson An and Captain Torrance
Co-pilot Samuel Dele (Yoson An) and Captain Torrance

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In the sweltering heat and taking stock of the dead a few didn't make it, those that were injured and the rest who had a certain degree of a psychological trauma associated with not knowing if they would live in the emergency, they had just experienced.

There are two twists to this story. The first being they are transporting a passenger arrested on suspicion of murder Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter), who just so happens to have served in the French Foreign Legion, together with a prison officer. The second is the fact that they have landed unknowingly on a small Philippine Island that has a paramilitary resistance force that has been in an armed conflict with the Philippine government for many decades.

Captain Torrance and prisoner Louis Gaspare played by Mike Colter
Captain Torrance and prisoner Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter)

Once contact is lost with their aircraft a search and rescue mission are naturally activated and when the Philippine authorities realise where they could be they realise that it is impossible to rescue any survivors because, “not even the Philippine Army goes there anymore,” having been kicked out by these paramilitary guerillas.

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Being an American citizen and others on this passenger plane, Captain Torrance calls in his mates supplied by the American intelligence and armed forces to not only mount a rescue mission but to do what the Philippine armed forces couldn't; yes, you guessed it, to kick ass!

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Before all of the drama gets to Rambo levels, the murderer that no other passenger trusts have a moment to flee or help out the other passengers once they are held captive by these paramilitary guerillas.

You'll have to watch the film to see what his decision is, which may or could be a moment of redemption or not.

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You will be entertained if you like a film with some action, some unintended comedy and wondering how this mess is going to not only play out but work out!

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