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The rebellious Queen
Sinéad O'Connor dies

Sinéad O'Connor the rebellious Queen

The most unconventional and rebellious singer-songwriters in music Sinéad O'Connor died at her London home, at the age of 56.

The cause of death hasn't been released by the authorities or the family, but there is some indication she wasn't feeling well that day with a few texts to fellow Irish musician Bob Geldof, who has verified these reports.

Unfortunately, and tragically her 17-year-old son Shane had committed suicide just 18-months prior and was the last thing she posted on social media was a picture of her beloved late son.

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There is speculation that the passing and the way her beloved late son Shane died had weighed heavily on her as any loss of a loved one let alone a child.

Sinéad O'Connor was born in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland in December 1966, and had her own difficulties during her childhood with physical and sexual abuse by her mother.

When Sinéad was fifteen she was sent to a corrective facility after being caught stealing, was run by nuns and one nun in particular saw her talent and bought her a guitar, which set Sinead onto a course into music.

Later on, Sinéad met fellow musician Colm Farrelly through an advert and together they formed their first band Ton Ton Macoute.

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Sinéad O'Connor had a cropped hairstyle for most of her life and she instantly stood out from the crowd and often she was asked whether she was a lesbian, but remarked she saw herself as “three-quarters heterosexual, a quarter gay”.

Sinéad released her first album The Lion and the Cobra, was successfully internationally but it was her second album that really made an impact much like throughout her life I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got, which featured her cover version of one of Prince's least known songs Nothing Compares 2 U, sold over 7 million copies globally.

When Sinéad O'Connor release Nothing Compares 2 U in 1990, she sung it in a very haunting and tragic way, but with some angelic undertones, which she really made it her own.

In later years Sinéad said that Prince invited her to his mansion Paisley Park, where he got angry with her for apparently not signing with him in a music deal and chased her around his facilities carpark being abusive and apparently spitting at her.

She later remarked what her dad said to her if she got into difficulties or unwanted situations especially with men, which kicked in and she managed to escape Paisley Park.

She also and surprisingly said she thought Prince was into some 'dark arts' and it is reported the late funkster had different themed dungeons in the basement at Paisley Park and would indulge in sexual acts with women.

Sinéad O'Connor was now a fully professional musician and much sought after across the world, which she was never going to tow-the-line in the music industry and courted much controversy and became a rebellious figure.

At first the public didn't know how to take Sinéad O'Connor, but overtime understood her and what she stood for.

When she went on the American television talk show programme Saturday Night Live in 1992 and ripped up a picture of the late Pope John Paul II, and repeated “evil” over sexual abuse by Catholic priests.

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Sinéad O'Connor was ordained as a Catholic priest
Sinéad O'Connor was ordained as a Catholic priest

Twice Sinéad surprised everyone when she was ordained by independent Catholic bishop Michael Cox as a Catholic priest and changed her name to Mother Bernadette May in 1999; and in late-2018, Sinéad converted to Islam and changed her name to Shuhada' Sadaqat and then remarked, “I never wanna spend time with white people again. They are disgusting” - though she later apologised and said she was "triggered" at the level of Islamophobia.

Sinéad O'Connor converted to Islam in 2018, and changed her name to Shuhada' Sadaqat
Sinéad O'Connor changed her name to Shuhada' Sadaqat when she converted to Islam

Over her lifetime Sinéad O'Connor starred in Wuthering Heights (Emily Brontë) and the Butcher Boy (Virgin Mary), released ten studio albums, which she received notably music awards at the Billboard, The Brits, Grammy, MTV, and countless others internationally, and her memoir Rememberings in 2012.

Sinéad O'Connor is survived by her former husbands and partners and her remaining three children and grandchild who issued a public statement announcing the death of their beloved mother.

“I think God saves everybody whether they want to be saved or not. So, when we die, we're all going home. I don't think God judges anybody. He loves everybody equally.” Sinéad O'Connor

Excerpt taken from an interview in Christianity Today - 2007

Sinéad O'Connor showing us her character
Sinéad O'Connor showing us her character

God Bless you Sinéad O'Connor - 1966-2023