Why Johnny Depp won in his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard

American Actor and Musician Johnny Depp at his defamation case against ex-wife Amber Heard

Johnny Depp won his defamation case against his ex-wife Amber Heard in a Virginia court in America.

The case was concluded by seven ordinary citizens making up the jury, who all decided that the evidence they listened to over twenty-seven days of whether Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp in a 2018 op-ed she wrote and was published on the digital platform of the Washington Post.

During the trial the witnesses were friends and close acquaintances of both parties, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, counsellors and medical doctors, business partners, managers, and personal assistants, all of whom gave an insight into the private life of Johnny Depp's and Amber Heard's marriage.

The trail was televised and viewed all over the world, which totalled up to 5 million people, but the viewing figures increased considerably as the trail was coming to an end and quadrupled on the two last days.

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The testimony was very compelling and most of the evidence went against Amber Heard, as Johnny and Amber were encouraged to record both audio and video of conversions, arguments, and any other interaction they had between them and those around them in different situations whether business or days off.

Amber Heard countered her ex-husbands claim that he was a 'wife beater' as the British newspaper The Sun had claimed by using Amber Heard as a witness defending their case Johnny Depp had brought against the newspaper in 2020, at the High Court in central London.

Though Depp lost that case in the British High Court, which was judged presided only by Mr Justice Nicol, he was satisfied that the evidence brought in the British case had merit against Johnny Depp and with Heard's testimony of allegations of domestic abuse.

Interestingly, it is supposed to be easier to sue someone for defamation in a British court than an American court, but the reason Johnny Depp won was because his legal team was better and much more effective than Amber's.

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For sure listening to the arguments and Amber scolding Johnny and admitting that she swung at him and saying that she couldn't say she wouldn't take a swing at him again or first was very damning against her.

The relationship was toxic, but both Johnny and Amber stated that they 'loved' each other, and Amber still says she will always 'love' Johnny, which is sad because these feelings will not go away and will last a lifetime.

They were together for five years and married for one of those years, so they would have some laughs and great times together, which could be seen when Johnny smiled and laughed at hearing some of the recordings both of them made, especially when Amber is saying, “Suck my dick”, and “are you gonna write a book,” repeating “book” at Johnny in what some have posted as a psycho-bitch moment towards Johnny.

What is interesting is that this may be the first 'celebrity' court case to have such overwhelming audio and visual evidence, and this may spur future in-depth into the lives of celebrities for some years to come.

Amber Heard defending and countersuing ex-husband Johnny Depp in their defamation court case in Virginia, USA
Amber Heard defending and countersuing ex-husband Johnny Depp in their defamation court case in Virginia

The jury in this Virginia court case saw that Amber was in fact the abuser in this relationship and the op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post was directed at the time she was married to Johnny Depp, and they decided that she wasn't the victim of domestic abuse, as she claimed in the op-ed piece.

Amber Heard not only abused Johnny Depp in their marriage but it has been reported of a video of Amber attacking her former girlfriend Tasya van Ree (though not legally married, Amber Heard legally changed her surname to van Ree, but after the relationship she changed her surname legally back to Heard) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which she got arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence by Port of Seattle Police on September 14, 2009, while in this same-sex relationship.

Though the charges were later dropped and removed from her record, which means the case was over and done with back in September 15, 2009, at King County District Court in Seattle.

Furthermore, Amber even slapped her sister Witney around a few times, again a video has surfaced of this incident, with Amber, her sister and friends around a swimming pool joking about, “knocking” her [Whitney] around in a sibling fight.

Amber must be careful of how she interacts with future partners, and if she “knocks” them around, and if they [other partners] happen to record arguments or fights it will empower Johnny's argument in court, that Amber either likes to interact like this with partners, which is toxic, unhealthy and a negative way of having relationships with people.

Though Johnny Depp won $12 million, Amber Heard's countersuit was rejected but the jury saw in her favour over the British newspaper's Daily Mail article about Amber, which Johnny Depp's lawyer Adam Waldman provided statements and information to be put into the article and she [Heard] was awarded $2 million for being defamed.

While Johnny Depp lost his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the sixth franchise instalment of the Disney saga Pirates of the Caribbean and Amber Heard also made claims her role in Aquaman 2 was mostly edited out, both parties may have seen their careers suffer because of the accusations and airing their dirty linen in public but didn't have that much of an impact as they both thought.

The aftermath of this particular case has seen Disney beg Johnny Depp to return to be Jack Sparrow and Amber Heard has seen her edited-out performances in Aquaman 2 returned into the film.

One thing is known is that the film rights for the Johnny and Amber story will be dynamite and will probably top the film charts globally, which will see further opportunities for the both of them.

So, the moral of the story is that there is nothing called “bad news!”