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You People
Film Review

The poster of the Netflix film You People

You People is a comedy first and foremost, but it does raise geopolitical and socio-political issues that some of you may not have thought about, especially in Western society.

The story concentrates on two main characters Ezra Cohen (Johan Hill) a Jewish American who looks rather tired and goes on dates with nice Jewish girls but really does not have any romantic connection with them, and then there's Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) who is a Muslim American black woman, who has just split up from her black boyfriend and has had enough of men, but then both of these unlikeliest of couples gets involved after a mistake of Uber identity and after this funny and misunderstood introduction, the plot then focuses on the development of their relationship.

Ezra and Amira are lovers in the Netflix film You People
Amira (Lauren London) and Ezra (Johan Hill)

With the fact that Ezra and Amira are from different racial backgrounds the other glaring difficulty these two face is the fact that one is Jewish, and the other is Muslim.

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The funny thing is that Ezra co-hosts a podcast with Fatima (Nia Long) about the 'culture', which is a more fashionable way as far as he is concerned of saying about black 'culture' and does have a day job of working for his uncle in a stock brokerage company.

Amira is a budding fashion designer but struggles as she doesn't fit the ideal character of not going to the right university, or fitting the right background and character, which is frustrating and so moves into whether it is about racial profiling.

Both families try to be accommodating and understanding. It comes off a bit patronising to each couple and you start to see the cracks as they end up having blank expressions on their faces, which makes you think they are not enjoying the struggles of being together.

Ezra and Amira are lovers in the Netflix film You People
Akbar (Eddie Murphy) and Ezra (Johan Hill)

Eddie Murphy is looking good for his age and plays the concerned and somewhat overprotective father Akbar, who does not like the choice his daughter is wanting and going to marry.

Ezra and Amira's dinner at their appartment in the Netflix film You People
Ezra and Amira's family dinner

Furthermore, Akbar draws heavily on his Muslim and Nation of Islam religion and culture, which then comes up when the two families have dinner together at Ezra and Amira's apartment and the small talk gets quite ugly with whose culture and race has suffered the most the Jews during the Holocaust or The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, this is a new one, and suffering should not be in competition with each other both events in history were horrific and should never have happened, but unfortunately this is the brutal reality of history, we must learn lessons and be more compassionate towards our fellow human beings.

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Without giving too much of the story and sentiment of You People, things go further sour, and Ezra and Amira call it a day on their relationship, which you feel for them as they looked like a nice couple despite their different backgrounds, which they never thought was a problem, but society and their respective family had issues.

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You cannot say Netflix is Hollywood, but you get that good old Hollywood feel of a love story turning out satisfactory in the end.

We'll leave out how it turns out happy in the end, as you should watch this well-crafted and hilarious storyline.

Well worth watching, and you'll be laughing well after watching this film but with a twist of thinking rather differently about social issues that may not have directly or indirectly affected you.

You People is available on Netflix