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Alec Baldwin charged
with 'involuntary manslaughter' in the Rust case

Alec Baldwin draws the gun on the film set Rust

The prosecutor of New Mexico has charged Alec Baldwin in January with involuntary manslaughter of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, who was shot and fatally wounded by the actor on his self-produced new film Rust last October.

Alec Baldwin has already been in court in February to enter a 'not guilty' plea with a pending trial with the date not set at this moment in time.

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Also charged along with Alec Baldwin is the weapons supervisor Hannah Reed who also pleaded 'not guilty' to this charge, she was responsible for the firearms on the Rust film set and gave the approval for Alec Baldwin to be given the gun, which contained a live round.

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The New Mexico police released the film footage where Alec Baldwin was rehearsing with the gun in question and then the firearm discharged, and the bullet went through the director Joel Souza and fatally wounded Halyna Hutchins who was standing behind Joel Souza.

Alec Baldwin insists that the gun went off without him pressing the trigger and a live round should not have been in the gun.

However, many firearms experts point out that on the Rust film footage you can see Alec Baldwin has cocked the gun with his thumb and once he took his thumb off the firing mechanism the gun would discharge the bullet as the firing pin would be released as the trigger would have been bypassed.

There are claims that several members of the film crew walked off the Rust film set citing neglect of health and safety and there are even claims that Halyna Hutchins also was concerned with safety procedures not being upheld.

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As in all court cases the facts are not as they seem and a variety of arguments between the prosecution and the defence will be able to put their viewpoint of what happened and if consequences need to be dished out as a matter of justice.

Whatever the outcome of this court case it is a tragedy and even though film sets can be risky and dangerous environments no-one should lose their life doing this very interesting and exciting work.

Connected to the Rust film set and other and further legal action in the Rust case

The State of New Mexico fined the production company Rust over firearms health and safety preaches and had to pay $137,000.

So far Hall was charged and pleaded guilty to the charge of 'negligent use of a deadly weapon' and received a suspended sentence and six months' probation.

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Halyna Hutchins the late cinematographer on the film set Rust
Halyna Hutchins the late cinematographer on the film set of Rust

The family of Halyna Hutchins settled out of court with several companies with the production and supplying and overseeing the issuance of firearms on the Rust film set in a civil lawsuit for an undisclosed amount of money last October.

Several crew members also put forward lawsuits against other crew members and companies who were connected with supplying firearms and unlawful live rounds on set, which are still ongoing.