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The case against Alec Baldwin has been dropped

Alec Baldwin and the late cinematographer Halyna Hutchins died on the set of Baldwin's 'pet project' Rust

The District Attorney in New Mexico has decided to drop the 'involuntary manslaughter' criminal charge against Alec Baldwin over the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins who was working on the set of his western film Rust.

The reason the State of New Mexico District Attorney has decided to drop the case is based on whether they will be successful in getting a conviction of the charge of 'involuntary manslaughter'.

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Halyna Hutchins the late cinematographer on the film set Rust
Halyna Hutchins the late cinematographer on the film set of Rust

The other factors include the fact that Alec Baldwin has settled a civil lawsuit from the husband and family of Halyna Hutchins for an undisclosed amount of money, which will be used to support her child in the future she had with her husband.

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Furthermore, the State of Mexico has also fined the production company of Alec Baldwin's pet project western Rust film for failures in health and safety laws governing on a film set and reducing risk making the working environment a much safer place to carry out filming.

After the news broke about the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins it sparked a wave of protest within Hollywood and the behind the camera crew who have witnessed the worst in violating health and safety laws on film sets over the history of making films.

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Actors, actresses including children and stuntmen and women have suffered life changing injuries or worst fatalities on film sets, which have led to billions of dollars in compensation for their families who have a lifetime of grief over their losses.

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Depending on the genre of film that is being made, film sets can be dangerous environments especially in action sequences involving pyrotechnics and even shooting blank bullets the debris of both plastic and metal can cause injury and even death.

The film industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and many cities and countries welcome film makers using their facilities and landmarks as a backdrop for their films because it is the best form of advertising to encourage tourism, so regulating film sets may become lax and offset the risks for that much sought after extra revenue stream.

Unfortunately, film makers cutting corners to producing a film especially if the budget doesn't allow a lot of time filming that health and safety and risk management on film sets will lead to close encounters and when the next fatality happens there will again be protests and concerns until these die-down and the whole cycle will repeat with another disaster over another disaster.

The filming for Rust has concluded to get the film complete and once released and shown in cinemas there will be a message in dedication to cinematographer Halyna Hutins on this film which unfortunately and tragically claimed her life.