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London the top Technology city

London has become the leading technology capital in the world, with tech giants Google, Facebook and Twitter all expanding operations in the British capital.

The whole of the technology industry is gathering huge gains both in revenue, customers and cutting edge technology whether in software, hardware such as robots, artificial intelligence and apps being developed by an array of small and medium sized enterprises across the UK.



This film The Man with the Iron Heart, is about one of the most notorious Nazi leaders under Adolf Hitler - Reinhard Heydrich

The Man with the Iron Heart
The Man with the Iron Heart - Film Review

Shed Seven has released their fifth album Instant Pleasures after 16 years since they released Truth Be Told (2001)!

But what a release, pure Shed

Shed Seven

Google and Amazon dispute has now led to the both companies removing access to their products.

Google and Amazon dispute



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Facebook’s new office

Facebook has opened-up its new London office, making a firm investment and commitment to the British capital.

The new offices for Facebook UK, is located not too far from Oxford Circus in central London.

Naturally the working environment Facebook likes is a creative, fun and  bright feel to the surroundings....

Breaking the vinyl record

Vinyl sales have increased by a whopping 1,472% since 2007, with 4.1 million sold in 2017, as reported by the BPI.

Many record companies both small and big release both new and music that was originally released on vinyl over forty years ago.

The quest for analogue is increasingas music listeners enjoy both the size....

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Dunkirk is when Great Britain lost its innocence and had to look at themselves for support when Europe fell to Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

From the start of the film you get this sense of loneliness and on your own atmosphere. A force much more powerful than the British who were pushed up to the tip of the beaches of Northern....

American Made

American Made is based on a true story about Barry Seal [played with humour by none other than Tom Cruise] a very talented pilot, who ended-up working for the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and a rising South American drug lord known as Paolo Escobar.

Barry Seal was the youngest pilot to become a Captain with the now….

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Damian Marley

Damian Marley has developed his won career over the years and has returned after 13 years since the release of his last album Welcome to Jamrock, to release something different with Stony Hill.

Stony Hill is a monster of an album with 18 top tracks. The songs may have reggae at the base of its sound, but each track sounds different and the construction....

Prophets of Rage

Prophets of Rage is a supergroup with epic proportions consisting of members of the rock band Rage Against the Machine - Tom Morello (guitar) - Tim Commerford (bass) - Brad Wilk (drums). Then members of rap group Public Enemy - DJ Lord (decks) - Chuck D (vocals). To top this group Cypress Hill B-Real (vocals).

Now if you think Prophets of Rage....

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